The swaying teacher

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A “teacher” who supposedly witnessed the alleged 26 August 2013 incendiary bomb attack appears in footage shot at Atareb Hospital on 26 August 2013 and screened on Sky News. His words are translated as follows: 

We have an institute where we teach students. The plane hit a residential area in Urum al-Kubra. We tried to get out quickly so we didn’t get hurt but it seems someone’s fate caught up with them today. A gathering of students formed which is normal as the students needed to leave under these circumstances and the plane hit us. [1]



The “teacher” appears to be in little distress

This would appear to be the same person – identifiable by the three distinct black marks on his white t-shirt – who is standing at the back of the room in the section of Panorama ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ commencing at 33:38, lurching and swaying in a bizarre fashion. The same figure also appears in shot with Ian Pannell from 33:05.

Typical of the alleged victims portrayed in Saving Syria’s Children, this person appears in no distress and has perfectly intact eyebrows, despite the application of white cream, presumably representing treatment for facial burns.

In respect of all the alleged victims featured in ‘Saving Syria’s Children’, please note the existence and sophistication of HOSPEX “macro simulation” techniques and the personal connection which exists between Dr Saleyha Ahsan and an army officer in charge of running HOSPEX exercises.


Note three black marks in triangular formation


The same individual, identifiable by the three prominent black marks, appears in ‘Saving Syria’s Children’, swaying and lurching in bizarre fashion.



BBC reporter Ian Pannell (foreground) in shot with the “teacher” in Saving Syria’s Children.

giphy (16).gif
The man’s swaying and lurching appear exaggerated

As seems plain from this sequence of screengrabs, the “teacher” appears to be in little distress:



[1] In an ITN report the translation differs slightly:

We had a college where we were teaching students. An aircraft bombed the house close to the college and we tried to leave quickly so we wouldn’t be injured, but it seems this was our fate. We gathered with the students because naturally we wanted to leave the area, then the aircraft attacked us.

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