Recent editions of Panorama available on You Tube 2nd August 2014

Updates to the below here (28 August 2014) and here (24 December 2014).

In July 2014 BBC Worldwide began blocking You Tube copies of ‘Saving Syria’s Children’. The final You Tube copy was blocked between 25 and 28 July. Notably, other editions of Panorama on You Tube remained unaffected.

In response to an email query about this, on 1 August 2014 BBC Brand Protection stated:

BBC Worldwide is not specifically blocking this Panorama and not others, the blocks are made by the automated YouTube copyright protection system.

As this is a relatively new Panorama, the illegal uploads are blocked faster than older and archive episodes which can take up to 6 months for the YouTube system to find and block.

The sheer volume of BBC produced/invested content means that the Brand Protection team can only scratch the surface in terms of removing infringing content from YouTube, so it is difficult to protect everything in the archive – including Panorama – immediately. The priority is to protect the newest episodes and work backwards, and this is true of all new content that the BBC produce, regardless of programme strand.

Many Thanks,

Brand Protection Team, BBC Worldwide

Discounting ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ itself and eight vintage editions, 46 editions of Panorama broadcast between 5 August 2013 and 21 July 2014 were available on BBC iPlayer on 2 August 2014 (as recorded in these screengrabs).

Of these 46 programmes, a far from exhaustive search on the same date located live You Tube copies of 31, 25 of which were transmitted by the BBC subsequent to ‘Saving Syria’s Children’. Below is a gallery of these 31 copies at the You Tube locations that existed on 2 August 2014. Screengrabs demonstrating that each of them was live on that date are here.

After replying with these points to the Brand Protection team on 2 August, on 4 August I received this response:

There are many factors involved in the automatic removal of copyright infringing material from YouTube. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the inner working of the YouTube system, as this is commercially sensitive information that could be used by members of the public to attempt to circumvent the protection mechanisms.

However, I can once again assure you that the Brand Protection Team has not been pursuing a deliberate policy of seeking out or blocking this episode of Panorama above others. Once we have provided YouTube with the information they need to identify our content, the system is automated. We can, of course, intervene to request that YouTube takes down specific posts. However, I can confirm that there has been no such intervention by the Brand Protection Team with regard to the episode of Panorama in question.

Thank you for highlighting those episodes of Panorama that are still live on YouTube, we will look into removing these as soon as possible.

Many Thanks,

Brand Protection Team, BBC Worldwide

Updates 28 August 2014 and 24 December 2014.

Results of brief You Tube search for recent editions of Panorama, 2 August 2014 (newest first)

Bedlam Behind Bars US. Panorama UK HD 1080i 07/07/2014

BBC Panorama Hacking Power, Corruption and Lies BBC Full Documentary 2014

BBC Panorama Britain’s Homeless Families BBC Full Documentary 2014

Behind the Balaclavas

From Jail to Jihad ? BBC Panorama 2014 BBC full Documentary British convert to Muslim islam (multiple copies)

Panorama Behind Closed Doors Elderly Care Exposed BBC documentary 2014

BBC Panorama GSK 14/04/2014 Who’s paying your doctor?

BBC Documentary – Don’t Cap My Benefits!

Panorama Don’t Take My Car Bailiffs Undercover Monday 7 April

bbc panorama the mayor and our money HD 2014

Panorama A Week in A and E Condition Critical

bbc panorama the revolution that shook the world (ukraine) new 2014

Hungry Britain – Panorama (2 copies)

Panorama Kidnapped Betrayed by Britain

BBC Panorama 2014 Britain Underwater (2 copies)

BBC PANORAMA STUDENT VISA SCANDAL 10.02.2014 (multiple copies)

Documentary: Educating North Korea (2 copies)

Panorama Police Shooting To Kill (2 copies)

Panorama: The Romanians are coming?

BBC Panorama Energy Crisis 2013

Panorama – Wheres Our Aid Money Gone?

Panorama – Amazon: The Truth Behind the Click (5 copies)

BBC Panorama After Savile: No More Secrets?

Panorama Murder in the Alps (1 other copy in multiple parts)

BBC Panorama Mala Yousafzai Shot for going to school Part1 (multiple parts)

BBC Panorama 2013 Terror in Nairobi

BBC Panorama – Dying For A Bargain (23 Sep 2013 Documentary) (3 copies)

BBC Panorama The Honeymoon Murder Who Killed Anni Dewani? BBC documentary 2013 (4 copies)

Tax, Lies and Videotape – the Great UK tax ripoff

Panorama – Locked Up For Being Ill?

BBC Panorama 2013 The Brothers Who Bombed Boston (2 copies)

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