Siham Kanbari

Siham Kanbari (or Qambari), 18, allegedly died of her injuries.

According to the BBC News report of 30 September 2013 “Eighteen-year-old Siham Kanbari had terrible burns to much of her body. She had been in a maths class when the blast ripped through the window.” According to the Panorama narration: “Eighteen year old Siham Kanbari was in her final year of school, one of the smartest in her class.” [1]

She appears in Panorama at around 37 and 43 minutes (Figs 1, 2 & 3).

Figs 4, 5 & 6 allegedly show Siham “a few weeks after the attack in hospital in Turkey”. It is notable that her eyebrows appear completely undamaged.

In respect of all the alleged victims featured in ‘Saving Syria’s Children’, please note the existence and sophistication of HOSPEX “macro simulation” techniques and the personal connection which exists between Dr Saleyha Ahsan and an army officer in charge of running HOSPEX exercises.

Paul Adrian Raymond, writing for The Daily Beast, states: “The first bomb fell a hundred meters down the road, hitting the residential building where Siham’s uncle lived and setting it on fire.” According to Raymond, Siham died seven weeks after the alleged incendiary bombing, which read strictly would indicate Monday 14 October 2013; according to Dr Saleyha Ahsan, Siham died on 20 October. In an update to the end credits of Saving Syria’s Children the BBC states that Siham died on 19 October (see Figs 7 & 8).

Non-BBC footage available on You Tube shows Siham at an earlier stage in her alleged treatment (Figs 9 & 10). Her appearance is markedly different to that in footage from the same hospital in Panorama (Figs 1,2 & 3). At 1:43 in the You Tube film, the shot cuts away just before a hypodermic needle would seem to be about to be inserted into Siham’s neck (Fig 10).


Fig 1


Fig 2


Fig 3


Fig 4


Fig 5


Fig 6


Fig 7 – from updated end credits to Saving Syria’s Children


Fig 8 – from updated end credits to Saving Syria’s Children


[1] While both Ian Pannell and Dr Saleyha Ahsan had previously stated Siham was 18 years of age, on the website of the charity The Phoenix Foundation, launched in January 2015, Dr Ahsan refers to her as a “young 16 year old girl”

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  3. I have a suggestion – go to Syria and compare her eyebrows on her CORPSE in the ground, you moron.
    She HAS NO NOSE after the attack by the Syrian Air Force.
    Over FIFTY similar horrifying fuel-air incendiary bombings by Assad just from 2012 to this event in late August 2013.

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