Incontrovertible Bull

Unrelated to Saving Syria’s Children, but I wholly endorse what Daniel writes.

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

The intention of successive US governments since the mid-1990s has been to shape the world for the next hundred years according to the interests and values of American free-market capitalism. That this agenda was codified in the Project for the New American Century many years before the US attacked Iraq, is apparently overlooked by many of those who believe the events on 9/11 were an ‘inside job’ intended to justify the said invasion.

The contention the American’s did not plan and execute 9/11 is of course different to suggesting that they didn’t exploit the event, politically, for their own nefarious ends. The tendency among the truth movement is to seize upon, and brandish, anomalies and coincidences of this kind as if they were facts and then present them as being indicative of the majority of expert opinion.

The notion that the huge volume of evidence trump relatively small…

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