Who are these men?

A reader of this blog has spotted a second figure carrying a walkie-talkie in footage from the alleged 26 August 2013 incendiary attack reported by the BBC.

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The white-clad male [1] appears from 3 to 6 seconds in this video, striding in the direction of the school in Urm Al-Kubra, Aleppo allegedly struck by an incendiary bomb dropped by a Syrian fighter jet. The ambulance in shot is transporting a female alleged victim of the attack to nearby Atareb Hospital. [2]

The same man is glimpsed later in the same video among a group of similarly dressed men standing outside Atareb Hospital.

Another figure using a walkie-talkie appeared in the BBC Panorama programme Saving Syria’s Children (at 35:52), broadcast on 30 September 2013. In other sequences filmed by the BBC at Atareb Hospital this man can be seen carrying a camera. The editor of Saving Syria’s Children, Tom Giles, has stated that he has “no idea” who this man is.

In other video shot at Atareb Hospital on the same day a male wearing a microphone headset is briefly glimpsed. His military attire is of a piece with that of the two men who accompany the female alleged victim referred to above from Urm Al-Kubra to Atareb.

Who are these three men? Who were they in communication with? What was their role in the alleged events of 26 August 2013? 

Update: my reader has discovered several further instances of walkie-talkie use in Saving Syria’s Children:


Update: one more…


[1]  I have received the following observation regarding the man’s style of dress (Shalwar kameez):

As well as the similarly-dressed men noted above, several others at Atareb Hospital on 26 August 2013 are pictured wearing a similar style of clothing, for instance the male on the left below from this You Tube video:


However, this site on Syrian culture states:

Men traditionally wear long gowns called kaftans

[2] As discussed here, while the woman boards the ambulance by its stepped side entrance calmly and unaided, upon her arrival at Atareb Hospital 13km away she is filmed by the BBC being stretchered out of the tailgate by five men (two of whom were aware that she had required no assistance just a short time earlier), apparently screaming in agony.

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8 responses to “Who are these men?

  1. Reblogged this on theflyingcameldotorg and commented:
    Today the corrupt “MainStreamMedia” is pitching another story that blames Russia & Syria of using chemical weapons against Western backed terrorist units…The story is full of holes and assumes BBC-CNN-France24 viewers are as naive’ and gullible as stone-age cave dwellers. Perhaps they are, after all, “False flag” non-events have been successful in the past….why not today?

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  6. Catte

    Western-looking dude with a walkie-talkie and a camera, who seems to be ordering people around at one point and the BBC producer doesn’t know who he is? Oh please.

  7. Seven walkie-talkie users and one radio headset guy (implying at least one other) clocked up so far, on casual scrutiny alone.

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