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Musical Matters...$_1.JPGI wasn’t intending to return to this blog’s ‘media criticism’ sideline for at least a few more weeks; but it’s a fact of blogging life that events sometimes call for a revision of such plans — all the more so when it seems that one is able to diagnose and describe things that pretty well no-one else is going to. By the time we finish, we’ll have returned to the British Broadcasting Corporation and the criminal damage it does to UK democracy; to begin with, I want to move to a sick and corrupted pseudo-democracy further from home…

Various friends of mine — smart folks, every one of them! — are telling me that they expect Donald Trump to be ‘Grassy Knolled’ by elements of the US ‘deep state’ before he even graduates from ‘President-Elect’ to ‘President’. I myself don’t think that such an event is especially likely … as…

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Working with @TVOFFAL on feature documentary exposé of the 2013 BBC Panorama special Saving Syria's Children

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