Amnesty’s Syrian “revolution”: response from associate of Syria Solidarity Movement

A further response to my complaint to Amnesty, from an associate of the original Syria Solidarity Movement. I have embedded two links for reference. See also this reply from Syrian resident Lilly Martin.

From:  David Macilwain
Sent: 14 September 2016 13:22:34
Cc:; Robert Stuart; Lilly Martin Sahiounie

Dear Louise,

Following Robert’s invitation below, I would like to add my own opinion on the position that Amnesty has taken over the war on Syria, and evidently continues to take despite mounting evidence that this position is seriously mistaken.

I am an associate of the original Syria Solidarity Movement, set up to counter the false narratives being spread by the NATO and Gulf countries responsible for fomenting the war in Syria. We have nothing in common with the so-called ‘Syria solidarity UK’ group, and in fact are entirely opposed to it and the campaign it supports for violent regime change in Syria, under the guise of a ‘revolution’ and ‘freedom from tyranny’ in Syria.

It is deeply regrettable that Amnesty UK, in concert with Amnesty US, has been co-opted by Western governments into the illicit project to remove Syria’s highly popular and re-elected President. Amnesty’s role in spreading false propaganda and allegations about hospital abuses and torture, which originate from ‘activists’ and other highly suspect sources, has been highly damaging to Syria, both in assisting the maintenance of the false narrative that supports the war, and in indirectly contributing to so many deaths of innocent civilians at the hands of our ‘revolutionaries’ and ‘moderate rebels’.

Amnesty’s consistent failure to examine the numerous war crimes and daily barbarism of these unaccountable legions of terrorists and mercenaries contrasts with their frequent focus on the supposed crimes of the Syrian Army and President Assad, as Syria fights in self defence to protect its country and people.

Most fundamental of the problems with Amnesty’s position on Syria is the failure, common to all of the mainstream Western media and authorities, and the refusal to accept, or even acknowledge, the popular will of the vast majority of Syrians in Syria, who voted in May 2014 to keep their President, and now support him overwhelmingly, knowing that all the claims from Western agencies about his conduct are lies. They also share Assad’s expressed desire to rid Syria of terrorist groups and their foreign backers.

It is not too late for Amnesty, and the many honourable people who support it, to wake up to the reality of the West’s ‘dirty war on Syria’, and start doing the right thing for humanity by supporting Syrian sovereignty and her fight for peace and security. Amnesty’s influence over public opinion is huge, and such a change in viewpoint could really make a difference.

For more reliable information on what has really happened in Syria I specially recommend Professor Tim Anderson’s book ‘the Dirty War on Syria’ – available online or in hardback from Hands off Syria in Sydney.

with regards, David Macilwain,

Sandy Creek, Victoria, Australia.


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One response to “Amnesty’s Syrian “revolution”: response from associate of Syria Solidarity Movement

  1. Rhisiart Gwilym

    Bravo David! Exactly right. Wake up Amnesty! You’ve been subverted. Knowingly or not, in fact you’re assisting the crimes of the imperialist-psychopath gangsters who run the Western/GCC states, who are interfering malevolently in Syria in the pursuit of a particularly criminal realpolitik. There is literally zero concern about the welfare of the Syrian people in their – real – motivation. The Western gangsters couldn’t give a damn about them.

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