Complaint: Syria Solidarity UK at Amnesty event‏

From: Robert Stuart
Sent: Mon, 12 Sep 2016 18:23
Subject: Complaint: Syria Solidarity UK at Amnesty event

Dear Louise

Thank you for speaking briefly with me at the Amnesty Refugees Welcome Autumn Fayre in Islington on Saturday.

I was startled to hear your MC refer to the “revolution in Syria”. Do you not feel that “a largely Sunni Islam uprising, dominated by Sunni extremists who are armed and funded from the heartland of religious extremism, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and their paymaster the United States” [1] might approach a more accurate description of events in Syria since 2011?

I was then appalled to discover that the speaker being introduced was a representative of Syria Solidarity UK [2], an organisation which “appears to support all the al Qaeda aligned armed groups” [3] in Syria.

This speaker stated as fact the unproven – not to say thoroughly debunked [4] – claim that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons and called upon the audience to support the illegal violation of Syrian air space with “humanitarian” aid-drops. As has often been observed, the notion that the Syrian government can prevent food, but cannot prevent armaments and munitions, from entering areas held by militant groups rather illustrates the dubiety of the former claim.

Your MC then publicly congratulated the speaker on her “call to arms” – a figure of speech, of course, but one which was thoroughly justified by the blood and thunder rhetoric to which the assembly on Islington Green had just been subjected.

Yours sincerely

Robert Stuart


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