No BBC apology for recycling 2014 Yarmouk footage in 2016 Madaya report

The BBC’s inclusion of footage shot in Yarmouk in 2014 in a 7 January 2016 report about Madaya was “clearly a mistake”, according to a response to a complaint which I submitted on 20 January. [1]

BBC Complaints states that as soon as the BBC News team became aware of the error “immediate action was taken and the report stopped running on television and the online article was corrected.”

The BBC’s response, reproduced below, contains no apology.

Sent: 26 February 2016 15:56:34
To: Robert Stuart

Dear Mr Stuart

Reference CAS-3689232-4G32J4

Thanks for contacting us about a BBC News report on Madaya from early January and the video footage used.

The pictures you refer to were indeed from Yarmouk in 2014 – their inclusion in this report was clearly a mistake.

As soon as the BBC News team became aware of this, immediate action was taken and the report stopped running on television and the online article was corrected.

We hope this helps to clarify matters and we thank you for contacting us about this.

Kind regards

Nicola Egerton

BBC Complaints

[1] I had originally raised the matter via the BBC Complaints webform, including a link to my letter of complaint which I simultaneously published on this blog. Eight days later on 28 January BBC Complaints replied, informing me that my complaint had been referred “to the relevant staff but that it may take longer than 10 working days to reply.” However on 1 February BBC Complaints responded again, stating:

Our complaints framework asks that you submit full details of your complaint via the webform at the complaints website, rather than direct us to a link. Once we receive this information, we will be happy to look at your complaint again.

I was therefore obliged to resubmit my complaint and on 11 February received a further email telling me – once more – that I may have to wait more than 10 working days for a reply.

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