‘BBC Reports on Aftermath of Syrian School Attack Were Largely Staged’ – interview with Sputnik News

‘BBC Reports on Aftermath of Syrian School Attack Were Largely Staged’ – Sputnik News, 5 November 2015

Above is a link to a write up on the Sputnik News website of my interview with host Jay Johnson on 5 November.

There are a couple of confusions in the text – notably it attributes the view of the former FSA commander that the alleged incendiary bomb attack of 26 August 2013 did not take place to a member of the Syrian investigation team which was in contact with him. There’s also a rather relaxed approach to quotation – loosely summing up what I said and placing quote marks around it – but the gist is correct and does not misrepresent my views. The image at the head of the article does not relate to the alleged incident itself.

“British blogger and publicist” is perhaps a rather unfortunate description!

The interview in isolation is also on SoundCloud here.

Further information about the Dutch woman and the unidentified western male at the scene referred to in the interview can be found here and here respectively.

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Working with @TVOFFAL on feature documentary exposé of the 2013 BBC Panorama special Saving Syria's Children

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