Syria charity threatens peace activist‏

Dr Declan Hayes, whose two previous reports into Hand in Hand for Syria are cited on my home page, has published a further examination of this UK registered charity which features prominently in ‘Saving Syria’s Children’. Please note that Dr Hayes’ report contains a number of graphic images.

Dr Hayes writes:

“Dodgy” Syria Charity Threatens Prominent Peace Activist‏

Controversial British Hand in Hand for Syria (HiH) charity’s rapid rise bears detailed examination as do their long-established links with Mohammad al Arafe, the most notorious recruiter of British male and female (sex) jihadists for Syria. Although ostensibly a secular charity, HiH has now joined with two other Muslim Brotherhood linked charities, under the auspices of yet another Muslim Brotherhood linked charity, to further their common agenda.

This 435 page document, available at or or asks over 100 very serious questions concerning HiH’s links to Syrian murder gangs both in the UK and Syria and about their finances and secretive structure. This much-enlarged document was written in response to a threat of legal action from this charity which like ISIS, in whose territory they freely operate, only tolerates outside examination on its own very controlled terms.

HiH’s slick media machine has garnered it not only acres of sympathetic coverage and millions of pounds in donations but it has even persuaded leading British MPs and Lords to raise their dubious cause in Westminster.

Read the 12 mb document and then email, tweet, phone this information to those politicians, journalists, researchers and concerned citizens who will act on it. For more detail go here  and open up the  folder to get the original Word and other documents. Use it, attributed or not, as you will. Just use it.

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